One Stop Solution

Think of Chapman Yacht Management as a one stop solution for all of your yachting requirements. We aim to make yachting hassle free for owners and offer a single point of contact for all your vessel related requirements. Our in-house team can add value and provide specialised support to your yacht on every level.

  • Complete Yacht Management
  • Problem Solving and Troubleshooting
  • Updating and upgrading navigational, audio-visual and/or Information Technology systems
  • Supply and co-ordination of specialist contractors
  • Services and repairs
  • Captaining and Crewing
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Scheduled Cosmetic Maintenance

Our scheduled Cosmetic Maintenance Plans see all you superficial cleaning and detailing requirements projected over a 12 month period.

At Chapman Yacht Management, we have specialist trained staff in all aspects of the job. Our structured team of interior detailers, exterior cosmetics crew and gel coat restoration specialists will ensure your vessel presents to the highset possible standard week-to-week.

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Major Detailing & Vessel Overhaul

Vessel overhaul is an area of business we pride ourselves on. Whether you have imported a new yacht, left your existing yacht unattended for a long period of time or would like the exterior cosmetics of the vessel overhauled.

Chapman Yacht Management has the man power, experience, product knowledge and know how to get the job done.

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Specialist Antifoul

Averaging approximately 32 antifouls per annum within a fleet of high end private motor yachts, our antifoul team is highly experienced with the underwater fouling and maintenance requirements of a mainstream motor yacht.

Our preparation, application techniques, top of the range products and final touches, that an average shipyard would generally not consider, is what separates our finish from competitors’.

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Skippering & Crewing

Working directly with the owners and captains, Chapman Yacht Management has the contacts and connections to find you suitable crew in all aspects of operating a motor yacht.

From the recruitment stage, to background checks and initiating suitable employment contracts, we offer a full scale recruitment service.

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